Stallion Cycles

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Repairs and Servicing

Stallion Cycles offer a complete repair and servicing workshop from childrens bikes to hybrids, racing bikes to mtb's, 30 years old or brand new. Helpful, friendly, cost effective, keeping you on the road with minimal fuss and outlay.   

All repairs are conducted by an experienced cycle mechanic and include a detailed report of work including any parts replaced. All replaced parts are returned to the customer or disposed of upon request. Customers are informed if the cost is more than estimated before proceeding with the work.

All repairs are guaranteed for 3 months.

No work is invented. Honest repairs for honest prices.  


Assessment - £10

If your bike has had lots of use but little servicing and attention or has sat at the back of the garage for a few years it maybe worth having your bike assessed. The assessment will give you an idea of the cost to repair and whether it is financially viable, although I try to keep prices reasonable if the bike requires a complete overhaul and lots of new parts it is sometimes better to replace it altogether.

Book your bike into Stallion Cycles for a fully itemised report which includes an estimate of the cost of repair including parts and a valuation of your bike to allow you to make the right choice.   


Individual Repairs

Each job is estimated on an individual basis but we have provided the prices below as a guidline of what to expect to pay. All prices exclude the cost of parts, customer is advised prior to commencement of work:

  • Adjust front or back brake - £5
  • Adjust front or rear derailleur - £5
  • Fit chain and adjust to length - £5
  • Fit cassette/ freewheel - £5
  • Brake service (cable) - £10
  • Gear service - £10 
  • Fit single inner or outer gear/ brake cable (each) - £7
  • Fit single inner & outer gear/ brake cable (each) - £9
  • Fit tyre / innertube replacement (each) - £5
  • Hub service - £15
  • Fit headset - £15
  • Replace bb cartridge - £12
  • Replace bb non cartridge (loose bearings) - £17
  • Fit forks - £20
  • Fit / replace pedals - £3
  • Replace wheel axle - £20

The list above is not comprehensive if the repair you require is not mentioned please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Accessories can be fitted for a nominal fee too.


Servicing - £30

A Stallion Cycles service consists of:

Check front and rear brakes
Adjust pads if required. 
Check for wear on pads and condition of cables, replace if required*
Adjust for efficiency.

Check gears and shifters -
Shift into each gear smoothly and efficiently.
Check condition of cables, replace if required*
Check mechs for damage advise customer if replacements required.   

Check drivetrain -
Check condition of chain, replace if required* (Note: if chain is severely worn the cassette/ sprockets will require replacing too*)
Check front chainwheel for wear.
Inspect bottom bracket for play & wear adjust or advise as required
Check pedals for wear and damage and advise as required

Check wheels -
Check and adjust for trueness.
Check hubs and rims for damage and wear. 
Check for free movement and adjust as required.
Inflate tyres to correct pressures.

Check all bolts are tight.

Check frame and other core components -
For wear and damage.
Advise customer of any faults found.

Complete report -
A detailed report will be supplied to customers which will include details of all work carried out and any recommendations as to further work which may be required

*Cost of parts are extra. Labour costs absorbed into servicing fee. Customer advised prior to commencement of work.



Build From Flatpack - £10 to £20

Stallion Cycles can build your flatpack bike brought online (new or used). As well as giving you the confidence that your bike has been assembled by a competent, experienced mechanic, you will also benefit from a free 6 week check up just as if you had brought the bike from Stallion Cycles.

You can arrange for your bike to be delivered directly to us it will be assembled, ensuring that all relevant parts are greased and oiled, brakes and gears adjusted, tyres inflated to correct pressure and everything that should be tight is tight. All packaging will be disposed of. When you arrive to collect it the saddle and handlebars will be adjusted to suit you.

The cost of flat pack assembly, including a free 6 week check up is just:
All Single Speed/ Fixed/ BMX/ Hub geared - £15
All Derailleur geared bikes - £25

Your new bike will be all built and ready to ride away then 6 weeks later bring it back for a free check up!